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"The History"

Since our beginning in 1996, we have worked tirelessly to earn our reputation for quality, service and dependability.

Old used lumber often holds historical value. Reclaimed lumber usually results from the dismantling of buildings constructed around the turn of the previous century. As a consequence, it often reflects the character of the regions and industries that produced it. While we would prefer to preserve historical structures, restoration is not always possible and we take pride in preserving a structure’s valuable history by rescuing and reusing any useful building elements that can be saved such as beams, timber, and flooring. This is especially true with wood once used in cabins and barns. As such structures become increasingly rare, they are all the more appreciated for their especially rustic character. Barns typically reach the end of their useful life, long before the wood is reclaimed. The history of these special structures lives on, in the vintage wood products we produce. These once massively utilitarian buildings, having provided long and valuable service to farmers, ranchers, and industry; can now be appreciated for the singular beauty of their constituent components.

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